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Sumoku, Yamslam & Gobblet

The online multi-player game option (top left) is grayed out. Why?

The game requires game center. The game center option is only available when you are logged into game center. If you are prompted to login to game center and you cancel (including in other games) your iOS device will stop nagging you. To login, simply launch the Game Center App and use it to login. The next time you launch Sumoku, Yamslam or Gobblet, you will automatically login.

Of course, the issue could be a simpler problem: if your device isn’t connected to the internet, the online game will be unavailable. To fix that find and use an internet enable wifi connection.

Royal Flush: Poke Dice Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how to re-roll

Drag the dice that you want to re-roll to the top of the screen and shake the phone or click the Roll button.

How do I cancel scoring if I accidentally click the score button?

Click the cancel button in the left hand area of the navigation bar

I rolled a Pair but it won’t let me score a Pair

Each hand can only be scored a certain number of times per a game. If you have already scored it that many numbers of times you cannot score it again

Other Questions

Do you do custom app development?

We can do custom app development. If you are interested in please use the email address.

Are you interested in buying the copyrights to an app I created?

It depends. How well is the code written? Have you correctly licensed the works within your work? What is the market potential? How is your app different than all the other apps in the same category? You can always use the contact form and send as much information as possible.