Yamslam is a turn-based dice rolling game for iPad & iPhone.

This Blue Orange Game™ is free-to-try, easy to learn and fun to play with friends.

4.0 stars (115) in iTunes App Store

Roll the best dice combination before each chip is gone

Risk taking and strategy are needed to win Yamslam. Players roll 5 dice with red pips for even numbers and black pips for odd numbers to get the best combination. There are only 4 chips for each combination, so its a race to claim a chip before they are gone.

When all 5 dice match, the player has rolled a Yamslam! There’s not a chip for that. Instead the player takes any chip and a bonus turn.

Yamslam is the flagship title in the Tin Game series. The game can be played in less than 20 minutes when playing face-to-face.

Exquisite Design for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Hager Apps has taken care to maintain the high quality and exquisite design for which Blue Orange Games™ is known when porting Yamslam to the iPhone and iPad platform.

The iPhone and iPad versions of the game can be found in the US and Canadian App Store. It can be downloaded and tried for free using Game Center’s new turn-based match available only in iOS 5.

Free-to-try turn based play using iOS’s Game Center

Hager Apps choose to release the Apps using the Freemium model, so that players will want to invite their friends to play these great games. After playing a Game Center turn an ad is shown. The ads can be removed, making it a standard app, for $3.99. An additional feature of solitaire play or face-to-face play by passing the device can also be unlocked for $3.99. A bundle with both features is priced competitively with other Universal Apps at $5.99.

Yamslam is a perfect way to pass time on the iPad and iPhone and is convenient to play anywhere.

Availabe on the App Store