Royal Flush: Poker Dice is the only dice game where you can roll a Royal Flush

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In Royal Flush: Poker Dice a player rolls the dice to form poker hands. After each roll the player may re-roll some or all of the dice. After 3 rolls the player chooses a poker hand and scores. To roll shake the iPhone or iPod Touch or touch the Roll Button. Score the dice at any time by touching the Score Dice button.

Each poker hand will vary in value between 0 and 300 points depending on what dice are visible. Players score 1, 2 or 3 times for each type of poker hand (i.e High Card, Pair … Straight Flush) with the exception of Royal Flushes. Multiple Royal Flushes may be scored in the Royal Flush category. After scoring the maximum number of times in each category the game is over and high score is recorded.

Each die is unique. The ranks range between 4 and Ace. Each suit is represented once for each rank. The 4’s are a special two-suited die and can be used as either a heart or diamond when heart and diamond are showing or as a spade or club when the spade and club is showing. The dice have been optimized to allow for the best poker hands, so keep your best dice. The Royal Flush is possible in every suit. The game uses a total of 7 dice.

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