An Abstract Strategy Board Game – Gobblet

Gobble up your opponents pieces in Gobblet to be the first with 4-in-a-row

An Original Board Game

Discover the original board game that is as strategic as chess but as easy to learn as tic-tac-toe. With over a million copies in print the official Blue Orange Games™ Gobblet is now available for the iPhone and iPad.

  • Learn to play in 60 seconds
  • Play online with game center friends
  • Play against an Artificial Intelligence that is trained to be hard but not impossible
  • Pass-and-Play on a single device
  • Great graphics and great sound

Being the first to get 4 gobblets in a row to win the game will require strategy and memory in this award winning game.

Why play a board game?

Board game have been played for a long time in every society. The benefits of games include mental stimulation, social interaction, learning how to win or lose, physical dexterity and they are fun to play. The digital medium will never replace board games but these same benefits can be found in this latest release, Gobblet.

Free-to-try using iOS’s Game Center

Gobblet is free to download and play with a friend using Game Center. Go ahead and challenge a friend using this great feature. After each turn an ad is shown while you wait for your friend to move.

  • The ads can be removed, making it a standard app, for $3.99.
  • Playing against Artificial Intelligence or Face-to-Face Play by passing the device can also be unlocked for $3.99.
  • A bundle with both features is priced competitively with other Universal Apps at $5.99.

Availabe on the App Store